One should not unlearn
amazement throughout
his lifetime.

Art and Netural.

Honored owl, now you have been
sitting the entire night on a branch
without turning your head once.

That is art, dear one.

And what do I get from it?

You’re pondering it.

At that time, the concept of art in the Netural Loft came into being in the Apple Store in SOHO New York. How appropriate!

It may astonish some that Netural has initiated and realized artistic projects since 2007 with its own curator. But this astonishment is exactly the purpose, because only those who regularly exprience the unusual can sharpen their perception. This opens new paths in the thought process and in communication. It airs out the mind and frees employees and clients. It creates special moments that influence everyday life.

There is nothing more inspirational (sometimes also nothing more arduous) than being able to meet and experience artists. The process is unique with each art project and offers mental input for both parties. When digital art is needed, employees are also integrated in the project.