Living Codes

Andrea Pesendorfer
14. November 2006

LIVING CODES is a program that makes the creation of a visual / diagram journal or a weekly plan possible. As opposed to a written journal where daily life is written and can be read in chronological order, meaning consecutively , LIVING CODES offer the possibility of a summarized impression of a moment which lives especially soulfully in pictures. LIVING CODES is a picture journal as well as a visual protocol and the illustration of how one spends his time. Journals are not written here, rather a picture is drawn.
*Warning: an overdose on control and need for classification can temporarily lead to insanity.

Andrea Pesendorfer is a visual artist. She lives and works at the moment in Linz and Vienna. Since 1997, international exhibition occupation. The idea LIVING CODES is the further development of an artistic work created during a stay abroad in Mexico City, that now together with Netural Communication has been developed into an online log tool. LIVING CODES will be presented for the first time in the course of the Pre-Opening. In addition, additional works from the work cycle of Andrea Pesendorfer will also be presented.

LIVING CODES| Exhibition in the New Media Loft

duration: 14 November 2006 until 12 January 2007

Exhibition viewing Mo-Fr from 8:30 am until 4:00 pm
with telephone reservation under 0732 790903, Ms. Eva Hamann.