Facelift for Energieleben.at

1. March 2011

The energy-conscious online magazine Energieleben.at presents its new design. Responsible for the rejuvenation: The Austrian Digital Media Agency Netural Communication, which has already implemented the basic concept.

For two years Energieleben.at thrilled all those who look for ongoing inputs to the economical use of energy resources and sustainable living. The objective of the revision of design and information architecture was therefore to retain existing qualities and to score points with new ideas.

Editorial services are structured structured than before. In addition to a magazine section with current reports from the world of energy savings, there is also a collection of knowledge to key issues such as mobility or housing available at „Energiepedia“. New to the concept is the involvement of guest bloggers on specialized topics.

“We are delighted at the wind of change in the design, which is undoubtedly a gain in terms of user friendliness for Energieleben.at “, explains Wolfgang Altmann, managing director of Wien Energie GmbH & Co KG, the initiator and sustainer of Energieleben.at.

Netural CEO Mag. Albert Ortig stresses the sum of small improvements: “We focussed special attention on a magazine-style, which invites you to stay and browse – and on more multi-media and social media contents at all levels. Moreover counts above all the usual high editorial quality on Energieleben.at. ”



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