Netural brings Total Immersion to Austria

5. April 2011

Total Immersion is the leading Augmented Reality pioneer worldwide. The French company integrates with its software solutions three-dimensional objects in live video images. First Premium Development Partner in Austria is Netural Communication.

Videos are digitally processed and completed in real time with 3D components. Diagrams, construction plans or filmed objects flow directly into an environment in which they have never existed. Real world and digital graphics merge to more – to an augmented reality with the possibility for the user to interact.

Total Immersion has realised the potential of such applications already in 1999 and with the own software platform D’Fusion they continuously developed on a world-wide scale. “Augmented Reality is no more an abstract idea. It changes our perception of visualisation. Already in the near future Augmented Reality will change dramatically how we work, play, travel and communicate”, points out CEO of Total Immersion, Bruno Uzzan.

Total Immersion applications function on a basis of an own plugin and via Adobe Flash in existing hardware and software environments, whereas with a development the most important platforms – Web, iPhone / iPad, Android – can be covered. They rate today big concerns such as McDonald’s, Mattel and Coca Cola among their customers.

Netural Communication is the first domestic Premium Development Partner and from now on concept and implementation partner for Augmented Reality projects with the technology of Total Immersion in Austria – but also in southern Germany, Switzerland and Eastern Europe. For Netural CEO Mag. Albert Ortig a step in the future: “Augmented Reality takes up where many other means of the digital revolution are reaching their limits: when embedding digital information into reality. This technology opens up modern communication – and for our customers – unimagined possibilities. ”

First Netural customer, frame manufacturer Silhouette based in Linz will deploy the new technology in its Virtual Mirror for iPhone and for the web.


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