meshed#3 Social Media Conference

12. May 2011

On June 22, 2011 voestalpine Stahlwelt is the location of a conference, which shows the recent trends in the rapid development of social media. Title of the event: “Visual Talking”.

Where three years ago impressions in 140 characters were formulated and shared with friends, are now photos that express what is happening where and how at that moment. Infographics and „did you know“-videos replace press releases. Video blogging is booming.

In online stores movies give us all relevant information and we experience the products together in augmented reality applications. The social web communicates in pictures. And this begs the question: Are the 140 characters of the future a photo?
The third edition of the “meshed” conference series is 2011 under the title “Visual Talking” and it is an attempt to approach this phenomenon. The guests are top-class.

6 speakers and 2 panel discussions

Christian Blümelhuber, professor of euromarketing at the Université Libre de Bruxelles decryptes in his keynote „Der Marketing Code© – Marketing in der modernen Moderne“ the basic code of our age, a “modern modernity“ as a serial principle.
Dan Zarella, social media scientist (Boston, USA), is the author of “The Social Media Marketing Book” and investigates digital marketing with scientific methods.

Suma Mandagiri, strategic brand consultant and blogger (Mumbai, India) bloggs visual concepts and analysis of brand culture and social media. She identifies organic thought processes as images and patterns which are the source behind seemingly logically structured analysis and lists.

The visionary augmented reality pioneer Bruno Uzzan, Total Immersion (Paris, France) develops with his company groundbreaking visual applications for marketing, media and business. With offices in Los Angeles, Paris, London and Hong Kong, Total Immersion is the driving force behind this revolutionary visualisation technology.

Achim Beißwenger, co-author and editor of the sales success “Youtube and his children”, specialises in web video and branded entertainment and is founder of the Audio Visual Media Days in Munich. He demonstrates how online video, webTV and social media revolutionise the communication of brands, media and people.

U.S. web entrepreneur Justin Kan is founder and CEO of Socialcam (San Francisco, USA), which introduces as an app-based social video network – a kind of “instagram for video” – advanced concepts in video blogging. Justin Kan has already been noticed before as the founder of the video-streaming platform

Two discussions will complete the program, one on “PR 2.0” and the other for the challenge, “Brand Credibility in Social Media“. Here we expect – among others – the social media monitoring expert Dr. Benedikt Köhler, Ethority (Berlin / Hamburg / Munich).

2011 meshed#3 Social Media Conference is supported by voestalpine, Prime Concept,, Horizont,, Internet World Business and amiando.


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