Virtual Test Drive With the Steyr Profi

2. September 2010

Just in time for the international agricultural trade fair “Agraria” in Wels, Netural staged the most versatile of the Steyr tractors, the Steyr Profi, in an internet special. Goal: to motivate farmers to say what they personally like about the Profi.

The Steyr Profi has often been praised as a tractor – for its versatility, the technology, the comfort, but primarily only in personal conversations. Steyr wanted to use this potential, to present “their Profi” again as what it is: an intelligent and faithful high-tech instrument for every farmer, a machine on its way to becoming a family member – and at the same time the most elegant in its class.

“We raised the Profi from the model palette and underlined its strengths in a multimedia special in a playful way,” Mag. Albert Ortig, CEO from Netural Communication, describes the intention. “We stimulated the emotions. And we wanted to convince the many Steyr fans to participate with their impressions and statements.”

The Profi special can be seen at

All of this just in time for Austria’s most important agricultural trade fair, the “Agraria” in Wels, which takes place this year from 1 to 5 September. The internet special itself will continue to run until the end of October.


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