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13. February 2012

The Austrian international trade support service, AUSTRIAN TRADE, is guiding Austrian companies into new markets as part of its ‘go-international’ internationalisation strategy, using the website This internet platform has been re-designed and a range of new service functions added. 197 country sites are now easily accessiblein 28 languages.

“In order to carry out the conversion, key content such as business opportunities, on-site offices and events were transported in context,” says Walter Koren, Chief Executive of AUSTRIAN TRADE. “Now we have created a real ‘hotspot’ for these key areas, astage where company contacts can really catch the eye of potential business partners”.


The contemporary new internet presence was planned and implemented by several Austrian service providers working in close partnership. The design, user experience, images and templates came from Netural. BDFnet, the agency for new media, designed the information architecture and usability concept, focusing on simplified user-friendliness. BDFnet is also supporting the ongoing search engine optimisation for the project together with e-dialog, which is responsible for the professional web analysis. The renowned CMS specialist Gentics supplied the content management system and was also responsible for the technical implementation, along with partner Getdesigned.

Easy access

Netural prioritised user-centric access to in particular: 25 WAI-A conform templates ensure easy accessibility in line with the specifications of the Web Accessibility Initiative. The design supports the classic western languages as well as sets of non-Latin characters such as Russian or Korean, and text which runs from right to left as in Farsi.

Secure navigation
The new website of is characterised by its simplified and tidier navigation. More than 350 striking image motifs create an industry-specific background design. “Fast and secure navigation on the website plus an aesthetic experience as a welcome addition to the content found,” says Netural CEO Albert Ortig of this development. “Thanks to our extensive experience, we were able to improve the editorial process to the optimum,” says Andrea Schauerhuber, Solution Center Manager at Gentics, of the successful new launch. “The representation of the Austrian economy abroad is now contemporary and encourages queries to be directed to the companies themselves,” explains Peter Gollowitsch, Managing Director of BDFnet.

Red-white-red – Did you know?
To accompany the new web presence of, a clever ‘Did-you-know’ video has been produced to highlight the export successes of the Austrian economy. And there’s no shortage of tongue-in-cheek humour: accompanied by music composed by Gerd Rahstorfer, the film devised and produced by Netural presents popular clichés of the Alpine republic and contrasts them with some surprising and innovative ‘made in Austria’ products. The 3-minute video is available in 28 languages on the website and is featured on YouTube.
Interview with Dr. Walter Koren, Director General of AUSTRIAN TRADE, Austrian Federal Economic Chamber

1. What is the significance of the website in the daily work of AUSTRIAN TRADE? is THE communications channel for our foreign trade centres abroad. All of our activities abroad are communicated via our 197 country sites in 28 languages. In total, 250 editors and translators across the world ensure that interested foreign business partners receive the information they need in a fast and uncomplicated manner.

2. What concrete assistance does offer foreign companies who want to take a look at partners in Austria?

The website encompasses around 28,000 individual pages in 28 languages and provides targeted information about business partners in Austria. Interested parties from all over the world can obtain comprehensive information to support a successful collaboration with the Austrian economy at The focus is on a successful presentation of Austrian companies having a business interest in the country in question. The conversion points take the form of direct contact with the presented Austrian companies or with the relevant Austrian Trade Centres on-site. Over 750 employees and 40 consultants are on hand to help, specialised in supporting foreign companies in their search for Austrian business partners. More than 1,000 events are also held each year which are organised or supported by the ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA experts. These events are announced on and Austrian participants are specifically targeted. also offers detailed information on the issues of ‘Importing from Austria’ and ‘Exporting to Austria’ as well as information on investments, financing and law. General information about the country and useful details for business trips to Austria complete the service.
3. How does reliable information about a country and its economic services influence the contacts established with new business partners?

Anyone wishing to import products or services from Austria or who is interested in the Austrian market as an exporter or investor should gain a quick overview of the Austrian economy and the relevant contact partners. The internet portal combines all the information needed by business partners concerning the Austrian economy and provides suitable contact partners, whether in terms of interested Austrian companies or competent advice on-site.

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is the international network of the AUSTRIAN TRADE and represents competence, quality and reliability abroad. The official portal for the Austrian economy abroad is therefore a good opener of doors for Austrian companies.
4. How can a video help to arouse interest in Austria’s economy?

The web portal is particularly relevant for companies beyond the borders of our country who are less familiar with Austria and Austrian business partners. Our new image video ‘Austria’s economy is surprisingly ingenious’ aims to apply ‘new media’ to encourage these companies to get in contact with Austrian business partners. The video shows Austria’s economic performance and entrepreneurs looking at success stories in a modern and friendly manner and provides an explanation as to why the Austrian economy is ‘surprisingly ingenious’. The success stories aim to trigger something of an ‘OHHH’ effect among our target groups abroad with their factual and graphics-based approach. Visitors are directed to via social media channels and can then search for Austrian business partners online in specific industries on our 197 country sites or contact one of our service centres for advice.


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