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Cineplexx is more beautiful than ever. For decades, Austria´s largest movie theatre chain has seen permanent growth. Today it runs multiplexes in Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia – and prepares opening in Albania. This year the company underwent a comprehensive communication facelift, revising its corporate design and advertising – and relaunching the Cineplexx website as well.

Websites like deserve the kind of respect smart directors approach the remake of a great movie with: What is there to improve in one of Austria´s most successful websites with up to 500.000 individual visitors per month, success-critical online ticket reservation and a profitable position among the biggest national online advertising media? Still, close scrutiny revealed some room for performance improvement and updating.

Visually, the website had to be adapted to the results of the parallel corporate design process. This offered a perfect opportunity to update the whole look & feel, preceded by a thorough streamlining of structure and content. Such a streamlining was unavoidable anyway, because of the rapidly growing share of mobile device users. After designing a sleek, modern mobile version it took only one small further step to achieve a clean, uncluttered desktop look & feel for navigating the still huge amount of information intuitively and enjoyably. On devices of every size, the new is an impressively “widescreenend” and very inviting world of movies – one you love to enter and find easy to explore.

A seperate mobile version of the has been realized.

But one facelift is not enough to make a star. The most exciting aspects of the whole relaunch project deal with web based services and the website´s performance as a community building, customer relations and sales instrument. Before the relaunch, had predominantly worked as a ticket reservation platform. This is the kind of service which offers convenience, but fails to trigger spontaneous ticket purchases. A cornerstone of the new is therefore the “Quick Ticket” service for online ticket purchase in 4 easy steps. From now on, smart online buyers will pass by the box office queue and walk straight to their seats.

Another important issue of the relaunch project is content & community marketing. is already Austria´s biggest meeting place for movie fans. Now, the long-term perspective is empowering the user as the star, scriptwriter and director of his/her individual Cineplexx online experience. The necessary technology for in-depth personalisation and improved film rating and commenting by users is already preinstalled in the new website.

Quite some consideration was given to the inherent conflict between popular social plugins and privacy rules: While many website visitors do not care if their activities on automatically become visible for platforms like Facebook or Pinterest, some would find this most irritating. brings a fair solution, offering a wide choice of links to social media platforms as opt-in functions.

Another fact to take into account was the considerable workload which the management and permanent update of a movie website´s content tend to produce. Tools like Gentics content management and eyepin newsletter system were added for more efficient and convenient content handling.

In late summer, the new website went into a beta test. In late September it went online offically. But Netural´s developers have litte time to take a rest on their laurels. The next project steps involve the rollout in six more European countries and an extension of the personalization and community functionalities.

After the premiere is before the premiere…

Article: 24.10.2013


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