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Dear partners, customers and interested parties,

only a short time ago our world seemed boundless, now we have returned home in our smallest units. At Netural, we have initiated everything necessary to secure our employees in the long term - both in terms of health and on an economic level - and to be a stable partner for our clients during and after the crisis. Faster and better than expected, all Neturals moved to their home offices already in week 1 of the crisis. Our teams are in good spirits, completely "up and running", and can therefore work on your projects with their usual competence.

Netural ad hoc teams for digital "first aid"

As a digital service provider, we ask ourselves how we can best support you in these challenging times. In order to be able to master difficult situations, we have therefore set up ad hoc teams for you, which can quickly and low-threshold eliminate the biggest pain points - be it the quick setup of online shops, external intranets or other digital "first aid" measures.

If required, please contact us by telephone, as always from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., on +43 732 790903. You are also welcome to contact our managing director directly (, or We assure you of our fullest engagement to make the impossible possible!

Everyday challenges in the home office

In addition to the uncertainty, the challenges of the new everyday life also occupy every one of us: working in the home office, many additional meetings to be able to cope with the new situation, being a tutor for the next generation and much more.

That's why we are happy to give you an insight into some of the internal activities around home office and staying connected in the team. Maybe there is one or the other idea for your company - and vice versa, we are also happy to receive your suggestions!

For example, we have meanwhile set up a "coffee break" via live video channel to meet and chat casually and without a project topic, reactivate old notebooks for the e-learning of our Netural kids or organise online German courses for our "internationals" in the team with the retired father and teacher of a staff member. Other formats are in the making.

We look forward to your feedback and exchange of ideas by email to This topic will probably also be dealt with at one of our next HR executive meetings - if you are interested, please contact our HR manager Irene Bouchal (

Stay healthy and let's look out for each other so that our teams and their families will continue to be well in the future!

With best regards,

Albert Ortig
Stephan Lechner

Management Netural

Article: 31.03.2020


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