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AWO - Außenwirtschaft Österreich

backaldrin intends to offer a multi-media audience magnet on the 2,500m² trade show stand at the IBA – the international trade show for bakers and pastry chefs in Munich.

The “World of Bread” as an interactive trade show experience: In collaboration with “Ars Electronica Solutions”, Netural is installing a 2 x 8 m projection surface with three ambitious beamers illuminating the rear wall. Using the necessary innovative skills a virtual curtain is hung in front of this and equipped with 8 Kinect sensors. The wall reacts to hand movements from the visitors standing in front of it and by identifying pre-defined objects triggers the display of videos, slideshows or images. Little gimmicks, such as droplets of grain falling, changes in luminosity or a gentle wind add romanticism to the baker’s information. One 1.2m interactive 3D globe is also positioned to the left and one to the right of the primary staging, which permit visitors to select their countries by “turning and wiping”, and displays each contact person at the trade show stand.

Major cutting edge infotainment! backaldrin's field staff and trade visitors were equally impressed.


Netural GmbH
Peter-Behrens-Platz 2
4020 Linz

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