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AWO - Außenwirtschaft Österreich
App "iMirror"
Silhouette International

Our daily bread, the new generation: backaldrin outside sales staff worldwide should be able to centrally access sales information via iPad - always on and always fresh.

Netural has extremely intelligently packed backaldrin’s entire universe of recipes and know-how into the tablet from the ring binder. All sales support is thus on the “iPortal”, also enabling essential links to all product and customer data. All the iPads are linked to the central image and video database and automatically synchronised worldwide. Outside sales staff is hence kept current at a glance at all times and everywhere around the globe – and without having to upload time-consuming updates.

With this app backaldrin can for the first time provide central news and all product details to all its employees worldwide. An enormous organisational internal and external benefit for the company that makes delicious bread around the globe.


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