AR-Installation "Mythos Schönheit"

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When the Schlossmuseum Linz enthusiastically prepared the blockbuster show "The Myth of Beauty", the subtly art-loving unicorn gladly lent its support, sponsoring the effort with an amazing project contribution: The Lab team adapted Netural´s self-developed "Virtual Vanity Mirror" to the museum environment – and it became the interactive highlight of the show.

Young and old sat down in front of the mirror, amazed and amused about the magical changes in their portraits. Netural´s Virtual Vanity Mirror works intuitively: It recognizes the face of the person looking into it and automatically rotates it through five alternative make-up looks without any further input. For the viewer, this is just entertainment, with highend technologies like high performance real-time facetracking and latest augmented reality cleverly hidden under the simple, intuitive surface. Which sums up our contribution to "The Myth of Beauty": Make beauty visible and hide the complexity!

Perfect user experience makes users forget that they interact with a computer! In this case a presentation in a cultural context paves the way for commercial applications, demonstrating the future potentials of augmented reality.


Kathrin Hausberger

Netural GmbH
Peter-Behrens-Platz 2
4020 Linz

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