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Mixed Reality

Digitization has turned market communication upside down – means back on its feet. Customer interaction is back and booming – on screens: Smart content, helpful services and interaction on equal terms connect our clients with their customers. There is plenty future in content marketing and social media.

Setting the best course

We sit down with our clients to gather all activities under one umbrella strategy from which all channels, formats and success criteria are derived – for the sake of clear targets and objectives. Our main focus is on the user, and the requirements of brand management and organisation shape our strategic thinking. Once the strategy is agreed, it´s time to move.

Success by editorial teamwork

Our social media consultants offer support and guidance in posting and blogging, live-event and community management, and also in recruiting international influencers as brand ambassadors. We familiarize aspiring in-house teams with their storytelling options on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and all the other channels. We organize social media events and coordinate to keep the whole production process on a reliable track. Even limited media budgets can produce unlimited impact in social networks, therefore campaign planning and management range near the top of our competence list. Content is king, community is queen, and social media marketing rules.



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