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We have always loved to experiment, with innovative techno­logies as well as with innovative organizational approaches. Our know-how and our culture of innovation have more than once supported industries in search of new solutions for their business segments.

From big player to agile sprinter

Business digitization is rapidly progressing, presenting mainstream companies with considerable challenges. Established business models are eroding, and many forward-looking decisions are postponed to keep indispensable cash cows safe. Best-in-class companies answer the chall­enges by elevating the „digital transformation“ theme to C-level: They round up single projects under solid umbrella strategies and approach innovation segments not as big players, but rather as agile sprinters. Founding corporate startups is an important tool for the necessary transformations.

Towards the digital Champions League

Netural offers a modular bundle of services which enables established companies to act as disruptors. Netural develops and accompanies innovation labs, supports the implementation of service design paradigms and coaches corporate startups with a 3600 portfolio which even includes investments. To this end, Netural has entered „Startaparat“, a brand agency with focus on services for startup companies. Furthermore, Netural´s AXIS project explores innovative forms of work, rounding off a special offer for those who plan to ascent into the digital Champions League.


Netural GmbH
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