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If you can´t buy it on the web, it probably doesn´t exist: Everybody buys online now, many occasionally, some all the time, and all expecting not only the widest choice, but perfect customizing options and real brick & mortar style service as well.

Welcome to the shopping paradise

Smartphone accessories, movie tickets, second-hand concrete formwork… - No matter what our clients sell, they all turn to e-commerce for future growth, and rightly so. Its potentials are huge and still widely untapped. Shopping experience quality is of rapidly growing importance here, with interactive video or 3-D product presentations, augmented reality trying-on, sophisticated product configurators, personalization and storytelling making the difference. A look beneath user experience surfaces reveals huge complexity and high sophistication, including the smart embedding of up- and downstream systems like CRM, inventory management, payment and logistics, and, of course, ongoing conversion optimization.

e-Business is much more than just selling online.

We believe in holistic approaches. In e-commerce, “holistic” implies multi- and omni-channel strategies to promote sales on multiple, synchronized levels. Many of our clients produce high-quality consumer goods, and they reach out to buyers through international retail. Increasing digitization will provide them with new types of cooperative and/or competitive B-2-B-2-C structures. Buyers with faces and names will be accessible throughout the whole customer lifecycle. Netural designs digital e-business processes, integrating user experience design, media channels and systems with a steady focus on sustainable sales success.



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