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Digital Strategies

Pushing the boundaries of what´s possible is not necessarily a gamble. We feel that entering uncharted terrain to boldly try out what seems impossible today but may be obvious tomorrow is the pioneers´ privilege. We have dedicated the Netural Lab to trying and finding out.

What will work?

The Netural Lab looks into applications of new technologies long before they become the focus of the next big hype. This is not basic research, rather institutionalised value creation. It is all about combining and systematically maxing out innovative hardware and software components, always with a strong focus on user scenarios. After all, service design is the core of our business.

The fine art of prototyping

Increasingly, our clients turn to the Netural Lab as “testing ground“ for new ideas. This is anything but esoteric. Instead, it recognises the fact that digital strategies should not get rolled out before they have proven their worth in prototype testing. Readjusting and honing concepts should happen from day 1, because words on paper are cheap, but business mistakes aren´t. This is why, for half a decade now, the Netural Lab has provided a playing ground, source of inspiration and modelling workshop for natural interfaces, artificial intelligence, bots, internet of things applications and many other cutting-edge technologies.


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