Mixed Reality

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Antagonism between analog and digital is a thing of the past. Watch virtual and real experiences converging to complete the picture, enrich the viewer – and change our world for good.

No science fiction

Photos of open-mouthed hipsters staring into Oculus Rift or HTC Vive goggles are now ubiquitous, as are lifestyle magazine and business paper stories about virtual and/or augmented reality. Those devices are market-ready now, and every new day sees the launch of more practical applications for business, home and entertainment. Viewing virtual furniture in real rooms while planning home improvement on the iPad feels like magic, but is really just one of many spectacular functions of a planning app relased by Netural´s spin-off Roomle. Netural´s focus is on interfaces between mixed reality and value creation in sales, production and market communication.

A bundle of technologies

„Ubiquitous computing“ dreams a world with wholly natural look and feel, discreetly enmeshing digital content and everyday reality without any noticeable breaks. Mixed reality applications and the internet of things (IoT) are slightly vague umbrella terms for these of game-changers. Netural has long engaged in the underlying key technologies, and therefore the coming media use revolution is bound to happen on already familiar terrain.



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