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Really great apps are so simple and smooth that they feel like just another part of the operating system, with a design that creates a unique ambience for their functions. – Let´s talk about „The Joy of Use“!

Use with (lots of) joy

Great apps will never burden users with all the technical challenges its creators had to overcome. Even super-complex, processing-power-eating, data-avalanche-crunching services have to flow like a breeze on all kinds of smartphones and tablets. Most mobile use cases also demand excellent performance and total functionality even in locations without internet access. To this end, our developers have written a dedicated middleware for smooth interfacing with internal systems like ERP, PIM, DAM, CMS, CRM or MAP. It meets the most ambitious performance demands and has proven its value and reliability in dozens of projects.

iOS, Android and Windows Mobile

One app on all operating systems, ideally with all versions sharing the same C++ core for efficient resource use. Or, alternatively, as a webserver-fed hybrid app. Netural´s designers and developers are deeply familiar with the specifics of iOS, Android und Windows Mobile and will make the most of them in every environment.


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