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Mixed Reality

The web is the mother of all digital media. Once upon a time, when it was young, a bunch of smoothly designed browser pages was enough to create a lasting impression. Nowadays, web presences are complex, fully upstream- and downstream-integrated services built to wow users on a huge variety of devices.

Breathing life into a brand

When searching information, both man and bot consult the internet. The web has become the leading research medium and will remain in the lead for the foreseeable future. But mind that while human visitors may come for just the information, it is the entertainment that makes them come back again and again: The web is the centre stage brands take to make their grand appearances. Much like flagship stores, web presences serve double functions, being at once impressive representations and low-threshold accesses to products and services. The Netural user experience design paradigm is „mobile first“. Designing from the small screen upwards, we make websites work – and really shine - on smart phones and tablets. Our proprietary „Storyblok“ content editing system is an exceptionally flexible and highly API-integrable tool, producing superior results at amazing speeds.

Internal communication

In spite of their tightly restricted access, big company intranets count among the web´s most frequently visited portals. Intranets serve a dual purpose, being both the company´s internal communication hub and the single staffer´s individual service platform for department-, country- and language-specific documents, lists, news, discussion groups, system access and many other helpful everyday items. When developing intranet solutions, we like to think ahead: Imagine digital personal assistants which are always present on all devices, ready to support everybody´s smooth everyday workflow.

Mobile - and independent

Smart web apps do not shun the comparison with native iOS, Android or Windows Mobile apps. They are even superior in one very important respect: They run on mobile browsers, on every device, cross-platform, with centralised updates for everybody, and 100% convergent with the web presence.


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