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The initial situation

With the brand evil eye, premium eyewear brand Silhouette targets the sports eyewear market. Cooperation with athletes in a whole range of outdoor sports is a central pillar of the evil eye marketing activities. Innovative technology, uncompromising quality and perfect harmony of design, material and visual quality are the key to success in this market.

The task

An effective realignment of the evil eye microsite focusses the spotlight on the individual athlete personalities. At the same time, maximum conversion, means website visits resulting in sales, is required. This poses serious demands on the concept, challenging designers to stage athletes credibly and effectively while identifying the perfect spots for effective calls to action.

"Our brief: The perfect synthesis between emotional and quite diverse content - and maximizing conversion. With our athlete content, we offer a great platform to provide demanding customers with relevant, tailored content. This is a potential that we want to further expand in our teamwork with Netural."

Michael Bachmaier, Head of Digital Business Silhouette Group

The solution

This subsite works as a content “construction kit” - and its content as a stage for personalities: In order to channel a flood of widely diverse content in changing quantities into a lively, captivating, yet stylistically unified visual presentation, a "construction kit" was created. It controls the content management in a very variable and expandable, but still formally unified way.

The content choice consistently aims at providing a stage for athletes: The start page presents an overview of the evil eye athletes, combined with a "social wall" that integrates their social media postings.

Behind the start page are the athletes´ individual pages. Both serve the overarching purpose of making the people behind the performance visible and tangible, offering glimpses behind the scenes, and step by step creating a platform for future conceptual steps beyond.

The implementation

Large-scale, vivid imagery in bright colors and very personal content trigger infectious emotion. Social media embedding, including Insta-Reels, creates additional fascination.

Different color worlds provide easy orientation: brand world and product staging appear in dark, high-contrast, intensively colored images, while all other content appears against a white background. Sophisticated, strategically positioned calls-to-action and interaction areas drive successful conversion.

"A great implementation of an exciting project - this is how we offer our athletes and ambassadors a perfect platform on our website, and together we benefit from the comprehensive visibility and the real-live experiences with our sports eyewear."

Susanna Kumpfmüller, Brand Director evil eye

The solution

The solution is a real omni-channel masterpiece: It interlinks all online and social media channels, stages evil eye sports glasses in lively, demanding outdoor use, and creates an equally successful online shopping experience for brand manufacturers and end customers.




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