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ENGEL, the globally active injection molding machine specialist, planned a redesign of its corporate website, intending an update to latest state-of-the-art in every respect – technical, aesthetical and in user-centricity. In Netural, ENGEL found a development partner that perfectly covered the entire spectrum of requirements.

The initial situation

The time had come for a comprehensive renewal of the ENGEL website, moving from static presentation to dynamically optimized content, perfecting conversion and storytelling, creating a solid basis for great SEO, and at the same time making maintenance and content development simple and efficient - in latest Responsive Design. In short - a total digital makeover.

The task

ENGEL set five goals for the redevelopment of the corporate website:

  • Goal 1: Design the website as a central lead generation tool.
  • Goal 2: To achieve this, improve web KPIs, such as number of visits, conversion rate and website speed.
  • Goal 3: As an essential cornerstone for achieving the first two goals, present the products, services & services in a compelling way, appropriate for the stature of a company like ENGEL.
  • Goal 4: Create a user-centric, up-to-date web interface design.
  • Goal 5: Enable efficient local and international content management and connect to CRM.

The solution

In the course of the strategic design process, Netural defined personas and guided them through user journeys in order to achieve total satisfaction to increase lead generation and conversion. This process revealed a high level of complexity, on one hand due to ENGEL's global presence and business activities, on the other hand caused by an exceptionally broad product portfolio of machines, injection molding processes and services. Netural therefore decided to not orient the spectrum of personas along the product portfolio, instead working along selection and decision-making processes, thus boiling the key target groups down to three groups of personas.

This reduction in complexity is the key to state-of-the-art user experience and usability that lives up to the ENGEL brand standards and invites interaction with the company and its products. Full interactivity, even including linked 3-D files, is a special quality of this solution.

Lead generation and correct lead assignment within the company are supported by effective interactional interfaces that motivate users to make contact, and by special filter architectures that automatically guide users to the best-suited contact within the company.




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