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With digiSTONE, Netural has developed a digital ordering platform for employees of kitchen studios, furniture stores and joineries who order natural stone kitchen worktops from STRASSER Steine – the market leader in Central Europe – on a daily basis. The process is as simple as ordering in a web shop and saves STRASSER employees valuable time when taking orders.

The initial situation

STRASSER Steine is the market leader for stone products in the kitchen and has doubled its turnover in recent years with its bestseller – the innovative stone kitchen worktop. This enormous growth required investments in the production facilities but also in the optimisation of order management. The aim was to significantly reduce the order processing time in order to be able to manage a higher order volume with the same personnel resources. Netural supported STRASSER Steine in the necessary optimisation of order acceptance and processing.

The solution

With digiSTONE, Netural has designed and implemented a digital ordering workflow for stone kitchen worktops. Users can enter all the necessary information in several steps and receive the best possible support from intelligent functions.

The focus is on the following functional areas:

  • Products are ordered from a digital catalogue, eliminating the need for manual and often error-prone input of products as free text.
  • To ensure rapid implementation of the catalogue, the dcupl tool was used, which delivered filterable and searchable product data for the development of the catalogue in the shortest possible time.
  • Important information is obtained using an online questionnaire, which ensures that orders are placed without errors or queries at all times
  • Sales partners receive a cockpit from which they can view the status of orders and quotations at any time and process them independently. This gives the partners planning security and reduces the number of queries about the order status for the office staff
  • All information entered is automatically transferred to the Strasser Steine ERP system. This means that orders can be seamlessly transferred to production preparation and the sales team is relieved by the elimination of manual input steps.

The success

With digiSTONE, STRASSER Steine has succeeded in launching a tool that demonstrably reduces order processing time and improves service for its dealers. The key to success was the high level of user acceptance right from the start: STRASSER Steine received enthusiastic feedback both during testing and when presenting the tool to dealers as well as during the internal presentation to office and field staff.

digiSTONE also enables further development in the direction of AI-supported order checking, which STRASSER Steine and Netural are already evaluating in a follow-up project and intend to implement.




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