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Digital follows people
We are human centered.

Being both thinkers and doers, we are deeply committed and insatiably curious, no less today than at the start of Netural in 1998. We have cultivated a rare and very harmonious interplay between creativity and technical precision, creating digital beauty which elegantly hides even the most enormous underlying complexities. We love to apply the latest technologies, but never as gimmicks to show off. Instead, we use them as tools to solve the core needs of our clients. In spite – or maybe because? - of all their sophistication, our solutions are always simple and elegant. We develop them for our clients - and review them through the eyes of the users.

Bespoke digital

We find the comparison with a batch size one factory quite appealing, notwithstanding our habit of applying standards wherever appropriate. Confronted with a specific idea or request, we rarely execute right away. Instead, we enter a value creation process, studying the client´s business, getting to the bottom of all requirements, applying appropriate technologies to take user experiences to whole new levels, all the while can adapt to customers´ changing environments of customers, and yet remain stable. Ambition is the main driving force in the Netural world.

Our approach.

Netural runs self-directing teams that are able to make the necessary decisions at any given moment. This makes us fast and also very stable in environments fraught with uncertainty. We apply the necessary precise processes and procedures uniformly across all teams.

We work with clients who, like us, have the highest standards, and whose projects are strategically and sustainably relevant. We meet their expectations with the exceptional amount of expertise that we have perfected over the past 25 years.

Netural has always attached great importance to language. The solutions we create in our daily work deeply impact corporate processes, and we have learned to navigate between management, marketing, sales and IT without any loss of translation.

Based on the individual project requirements, our methodology works to solve even the most complex challenges safely, quickly and outstandingly by applying the appropriate standardized processes. We operate either across the whole, integrated service spectrum or in highly specializes single disciplines (consulting, concept/design, software engineering).


»We develop strategies for successful digital business transformation and create sustainable value with superior user acceptance in digital products, services and platforms for both currently and future market-leading companies. To this end we combine consulting, concept, UX/UI, programming, rollout and ongoing operation.«


Breeding ground for digital innovation.

From the very start we have been navigating the environment of innovation, always open to new markets and topics. We keep our focus on, and consider worth pursuing, what is really relevant for our customers´ businesses, and that is usually not the latest media hype. In spite of the highly dynamic nature of our business, we stick to making quality decisions and put things on the table that have proven their impact.

Thinking ahead and launching something new.

The pillars of Netural´s standing are the digital services and products that we develop for our customers on a daily basis. At the same time, numerous successful spin-offs have emerged from Netural - digital products that Netural has spun off as technologies and enterprises. Flying independently, they are market leaders worldwide, like the headless content management system Storyblok, or Roomle, the platform for visual product configuration. And new in 2023: The SaaS platform dcupl for efficient development of the most complex web applications.

Netural's Content & Community Unit created Social Hearts, which today serves as a companion for strategic content strategies in both B2B and B2C contexts.

Those who work with Netural find themselves in an environment of world champion companies and "hidden champions" embodying a boundless thinking that radiates contagious courage. By the way: In the spirit of learning from each other, and in order to help organizations to adapt to the requirements of digitalization, executives regularly gather at Netural for the monthly "HR Coworking Days".

Content management as a service: Storyblok is Netural´s CM spin-off, providing tools to make content efficiently serviceable by developers and immediately available for editors. With 110,000 installations worldwide, Storyblok is one of the top 3 headless content management systems in the international software market.

The Netural spin-off Roomle has been adding value to furniture purchases since 2014 and has become the market leader for visual 3D configurations for products of any complexity level. In 2021, Homag Group AG acquired 80% of Roomle in order to jointly push market-leading developments in this fast-growing segment.

Born from the practice of app development and grown up in the successful application of the most complex web applications: Founded in 2023 with two former Netural developers, "dcupl" is a new SaaS platform for the unrivaled efficient and fast development of data-intensive web applications.

Social Hearts is a content media agency that grew out of Netural's "Content & Community" unit. The team now develops individual content strategies for renowned clients and can be seamlessly integrated into the operational execution of a Netural digital project if desired, and is stylishly located in Vienna's Naschmarkt.

The HR Coworking Days are a participative format for forward-looking companies that want to visualize New Work for themselves. HR executives from a wide range of industries meet once a month to exchange ideas with other HR executives. Curated by Netural CPO Irene Bouchal Gahleitner.


Do what you do best and grow wings.

Nearly everyone working at Netural has graduated from a technical college, an art school or a university. Cool code kids and old salts team up, all driven by a shared passion, and they really get things done.

But passion is only one wing, and needing two wings to fly, we add joy: Netural appreciates and amplifies every employee´s individual strengths. The resulting healthy amounts of joy are the key to the outstanding quality of our work and the enthusiasm of our clients. Letting everybody do what they do best will reliably produce genuine Netural quality.


Special flair, special team

Netural occupies spaces in urban retreats. We use them to unfold, both as a team and as talented individuals. We thrive in evironments which invite and sustain adventurous thinking ...




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