Raiffeisen Business Banking "INFINITY"

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Introducing INFINITY, Raiffeisen takes enterprise online banking to the next level in Austria. Corporate customers keep track of their finances through business banking functions such as payment transactions, account transactions and document management, while benefiting from new added-value services and highly efficient automated workflows. Netural contributed INFINITY´s innovative and very intuitive UX-/UI design.

Location-, time-, and device-independent web-based banking is the current state-of-the-art in private customer service. Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich AG, one of the largest banks in Austria, and the largest in Upper Austria, and Raiffeisenlandesbank Niederösterreich-Wien AG, have teamed up with Raiffeisen Software GmbH and Netural to create a dedicated online banking solution for business customers that is on a par with the established standard in the private customer segment. They achieved more than just that: With innovative added-value services, automated workflows and a novel user interface, Raiffeisen INFINITY totally redefines online banking for corporate customers.

"Raiffeisen INFINITY is THE business banking of the future and therefore the most crucial service for our corporate customers. Netural has developed its intuitive and innovative user interface, and has ensured during our intensive collaboration that we provide users with best added value and efficient banking processes."

Michaela Keplinger-Mitterlehner, CMO Raiffeisenlandbank Oberösterreich AG

Digital visionary

Building on a jointly developed digital strategy, Netural worked closely with the Raiffeisen departments, gathering, structuring and prioritizing the requirements and functional necessities for digital business banking. In an intensive conceptual exchange, based on a style guide and operational wireframes, the new INFINITY user came into being.

Making beauty visible, keeping complexity imperceptible

The ultimate goal: creating a simple, intuitive and at the same time innovative user experience, perfect on every kind of device. The challenge here was to map the cognitively complex frameworks of business environments together with the dependencies and hierarchies of multitudes of systems and data "in the background", or backend, in a design that offers corporate customers at least the ease and convenience of great private customer solutions.

Raiffeisen and Netural continue to develop and introduce additional functions and services for business. Meanwhile, INFINITY is currently introduced Austria-wide. User-centricity is a winner. Always and everywhere.




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