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Dental offices are complex machineries, timed and tuned for high efficiency, and those who intend to sell them technical products and services need to meet the same criteria. The Swiss wholesale and service company for dental products and equipment, abc dental, teamed up with Netural to take a big leap towards digitized efficiency.

The initial situation

The Swiss company's web shop lists about 30,000 consumable items, from masks to drill attachments and on to sterilization products. abc dental also sells, installs, maintains and repairs treatment chairs, X-ray units, sterilization equipment and other equipment. Beyond maintenance contracts and repair service, it also offers consulting on dental office set-up, holds continuing education events, issues a customer magazine, provides support in searching successors for dental offices, etc.

The task

In the course of a strategy process, abc dental searched out a partner for a comprehensive digitalization project. They decided to take Netural on board for what turned out to become a showcase for digital business transformation, covering every step of the way from strategic consulting to practical implementation.

The solution

Digital transformation started with an in-depth analysis of business model, user and customer personas, business processes, workflows and customer journeys. This consulting process identified growth and streamlining potentials, together with recommendations for appropriate solutions.

An analysis of the existing systems identified update and consolidation needs for all systems in order to create a future-proof IT landscape as a solid basis for the development of new digital services.

In the following project stages, Netural developed and implemented three core projects from scratch to go-live:

A customer platform on which dental offices book services online, e.g. maintenance and repairs of X-ray machines, treatment chairs and disinfection equipment.

A technician platform on which service technicians and dispatchers plan, document and bill maintenance and repair appointments with total efficiency and convenience.

A website relaunch to merge the previously separately managed web store and website, in order to integrate the sales and service businesses in one modern, highly efficient web presence.

The success

Workflows are suddenly smoother and much more efficient, and business connections suddenly show additional profitability through cross-selling and up-selling:

  • The Dental Office Cockpit caters to dentists and their teams, promoting value-preserving care and maintenance of dental equipment. The Cockpit shows at a glance which equipment is installed in which treatment room, whether its status is “ready for use”, “under repair” or “due for maintenance”. Maintenance and repair appointments are made online with a few clicks. Text forms and upload options for images and videos help to precisely describe problems in case of malfunctions.

  • This brings a new level of convenience and security for customers - and additional business for the company, because the Cockpit raises awareness of maintenance needs and the value of service contracts. Beyond that, online appointment booking and detailed problem descriptions increase service team efficiency enormously.

  • The Technician Cockpit makes life a lot easier and work more efficient for dispatchers and technicians. It facilitates appointment planning, ensures that technicians bring all necessary spare parts and tools to an appointment, and supports on-site documentation of work time, material consumption, and inspection logs – all the way through to the customer's signature on the delivery bill. In addition, technicians log detected anomalies that might be of interest for the sales department, such as foreseeable equipment replacement needs.

  • Merging the website and web store into a common platform brings additional streamlining: One website with integrated web shop replaces the former 2 channel architecture, noticeably reducing the workload in content maintenance, SEO, SEA and other marketing activities - a leap towards more efficiency, modernity and attractiveness that has been achieved without any major changes to the store system itself.

The conclusion

In this cooperation, Netural could to play to all its strengths: Strategic thinking, consulting competence, user focus, UX-/UI- as well as development know-how and implementation skills from the first briefing to "go live".

Strategy and Conception, Project Management, Implementation: Netural

Shop & ERP: LIMESODA, Navax




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