Netural ...

Your freedom to think beyond all limits in your precise field of expertise is totally Netural.

We give you all the space you need to grow and feed your curiosity – with the wide horizon of our clients and our determination to turn overwhelming complexity into superior usability, using the latest techstack. In an agile environment, a team of brightest minds makes everything imaginable work - and you are part of it.

And mentioning uniqueness: Here is the place to live your individual working style. It’s what we all do. We are digital up to the tip of the Unicorn´s horn, but at the same time proudly and consciously human ….

What Makes a True Netural?

»Burning for a theme – and striving to get really good at it.«
A talk with Netural CEO Albert J. Ortig about what is currently on his mind and what directions he intends to take.


Agile Working – How Does That Feel?

»Unsere Mitarbeiter bringen sich mit all ihren Seiten ein.«
A talk with Irene Bouchal-Gahleitner, Chief People Officer at Netural and host of the HR Coworking Days.



»Those hired by Netural can indulge reputable client names and brands with their qualities. However it is just as important that one is part of a fabulous team.«

Job Contact

No suitable job offer?

Then let us know what you are passionate about and why Netural might be the perfect place for you. We appreciate your message to and are always curious ...


Special flair, special team

Netural occupies spaces in urban retreats. We use them to unfold, both as a team and as talented individuals. We thrive in evironments which invite and sustain adventurous thinking ...

Recipe for a first cake


250 g Butter
250 g Sugar
1 package (1 Tbs.) Vanilla sugar
5 Egg yolk
250 g Cooking chocolate
250 g Flour
1/2 tsp Baking powder
2 Tbs Rum
5 Egg whites
Seasonal fruit


Mix the butter until fluffy, add sugar and vanilla sugar, egg yolk and the chocolate melted in a water bath and mix until frothy.

Mix the flour with the baking powder and slowly add to the batter with the rum. Fold in the stiffly whipped egg whites.

Smooth the batter onto a baking pan covered with baking parchment and top with sliced fruit. Bake at 180°C for approx. 30 minutes.




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