»We develop strategies for successful digital business transformation and create sustainable value with superior user acceptance in digital products, services and platforms for both currently and future market-leading companies. To this end we combine consulting, concept, UX/UI, programming, rollout and ongoing operation.«

Netural Sphere Consulting
Netural Sphere Consulting

Netural Sphere acts as a sparring partner, digital mentor and companion in transformation processes. We treat digitalization as a cross-cutting issue - from general strategies for the digital world down to concrete service design concepts with efficient output and serious added value as the tangible outcome of a very first meeting. We support our clients' top management on all topics related to digital transformation. As an independent consultant we identify potentials, feasible measures and all associated processes in digital transformation projects. We ensure that digital projects safely proceed from the planning phase to implementation, with all necessary steps taken along the way to ensure success. We support decision-making and help to keep the focus, paving the way to digital excellence for today´s and tomorrow´s market-leaders.

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Software Engineering
Software Engineering

We develop customized web and mobile applications, complex platforms, e-commerce solutions, brand sites and all kinds of strategically relevant digital products. In doing so, we combine high-performance web and app front-ends with complex back-end structures, e-commerce and CMS technologies. Our approach is to build on and to complement existing systems whenever it is possible and desired, and to break new ground wherever it is necessary, technology-independent, targeted and highly efficient in every project. Netural's services not only comprehend the rollout of the software, but also ensuring the effective and smooth operation of the entire digital solution. Tailored service level agreements guarantee the availability of the necessary Netural experts for ongoing servicing and further development of the solution.

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User Experience & Interface Design
User Experience & Interface Design

Our award-winning UX/UI team specializes in creating outstanding user experiences and user interfaces. We consistently involve users in all stages of a development and uncompromisingly place their needs at the front and center of every single decision. Netural's service portfolio ranges from target group analysis and assessments of target group needs to the creation of interface functions and designs and on to a standardized quality assurance and testing process to systematically ensure the sustainable success of each individual customer solution.

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»We develop digital solutions to optimize existing processes and to enable future business models.«

  • Consultation & Implementation of AI-supported Services

    We won't wait: Artificial Intelligence is changing everything and becomes an existential question for businesses. Whether it's industry, knowledge organization, sales, customer service, R&D, product design, and more - companies must confront this evolution and evaluate all their areas accordingly. Netural comprehensively supports companies in the implementation of AI: from potential analysis, strategy, and conceptualization to technical implementation and organizational anchoring within the company's culture.

    Integrated sales, service, and logistics platforms

    In today's increasingly digitalized business environment, business platforms preserve the competitive edge and operational capabilities of companies. They map the enormous complexity of the entire value chain from order entry to delivery - with superior performance and clarity, and always with the focus of all ordering, planning and logistics processes set strictly on the needs of all users, including manufacturers, business partners, end customers and employees.

    B2X websites

    Much like flagship stores, websites serve as the prime representations and low-threshold accesses to both products and services. The brand website is the main interface to both business partners and customers. A consistent web world attracts all relevant users, acts as an efficient "lead machine" to generate customer inquiries as and qualifies business leads through smart user journeys.


    Netural's e-commerce solutions provide highly personalized shopping experiences and support users in their purchasing decisions to generate real revenue potential for manufacturers and integrated sales partners.

    Complex product information systems

    Personalized dashboards, convenient applications and sophisticated filter architectures deliver appropriately targeted product information to all users and create maximum user acceptance to ensure smooth, efficient process flows.

    Sell-in and catalog solutions

    Digital or hybrid sell-in platforms and catalog solutions offer intuitive, perfectly integrated and orchestrated user experiences for all sales partners in both the online and the offline brand world.

    Mobile apps and web apps

    Netural's mobile apps and desktop apps provide best user experience. They are highly performant, personalized, always synchronized and available offline for all major operating systems (iOS, Android and web) with full offline capability. But above all, they run on cutting edge technogies, have been installed and tested millions of times - and are often serial winners in app rankings.

    Customization of CRM and intranet solutions

    Our customized CRM and intranet solutions optimize sales processes or redesign them in new and more efficient ways. Highest user acceptance and perfect user experience help to streamline the use of resources and free up sales team capacities for the tasks that really make a difference - customer care.




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