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Meetup for a digital coffee?

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Netural Sphere

You are considering digitalization steps, and while deliberating strategies and processes, you wish you had a... - what? Sparring partner? Digital coach? Process strategist? All of the above?

With 25 years of experience at the forefront of digital transformation, Netural is a much sought-after discussion partner. Every question a digital project can raise, we've answered at least once. By establishing Netural Sphere, we've institutionalized our consulting services.

What can we do for you?

Our consulting services range from holistic support for digital projects of any size - orchestrating change - to consultative discussions – sparring - with concrete actionable results. It is up to you to determine the scope of consulting and to specify how deeply you want Netural Sphere to dive into your company's issues:

Orchestrating change

Orchestrating change

As an independent digital transformation project companion we provide consulting support that addresses all key issues related to digitization projects, their potential, their feasibility and the associated processes:

Determining the status quo

Netural Sphere reviews your company in a 360-degree digital "fitness check" and provides an assessment of whether and where there is a need for change in the interactions of people - processes - functions - data.

Defining goals

Based on the digital "fitness check", Netural Sphere specifies the value levers that need handling in order to leverage potential. Aligning with the overall company strategy, we map out a convincing digital target picture that mirrors all relevant stakeholders with their different interests.

Creating a roadmap

Netural Sphere creates a detailed digital transformation roadmap and provides a schedule for the efficient implementation of the digital target picture in line with the company's overall strategy. Measure by measure and milestone by milestone, the necessary adjustments to digital services, structures and skills add up to the perfect digital transformation project setup.

Giving sparring

Giving sparring

Even very active companies that again and again take digitalization steps will find massive benefits in occasional exchanges with experts who have been working on digital transformation every day and every hour for 25 years. From the very first consulting appointment, Netural Sphere delivers real value as a sparring partner.

Providing guidance

Take 25 years of experience in operationalization on board. Acting as an independent sparring partner, Netural Sphere focuses on the future of your business and provides answers to all important questions around digitalization processes. Choose your preferred collaboration format:

  • Executive Workshops

    Netural Sphere moderates strategic digitalization workshop programs on your behalf.

  • Advisory Board

    Acting as an advisory board, Netural Sphere provides the management with cross-industry insights and know-how from decades of implementation experience.

  • HR Coworking Days

    This monthly active exchange among HR managers, organized by Netural, focuses on transformation and innovating work.

Planning the future

Talk to Netural Sphere about the resources needed to implement digital transformation processes in your company quickly, efficiently and effectively. Benefit from:

  • Recruiting Support

    Let's team up to define what skills will be needed for organizing the digital transformation.

  • Technology Orchestration

    Let's design the smartest match of individual applications to create a resilient basis for integrated, data-driven work.

  • Tender Support

    Let's create the necessary clarity for a fully accurate project tender.

  • Internal Communication Support

    Company-wide acceptance for digital transformation is always a prerequisite for success, but never a given. Profit from our long experience in consensus building.

Providing interim management

Netural Sphere support extends beyond mere advice: in case of staff bottlenecks we step in on an interim basis to help you reach key digital transformation milestones quickly and efficiently.

Designing solutions

Designing solutions

Netural Sphere offers support for forward-thinking digitalization managers who want to take their projects from the planning phase to implementation on the most safe and efficient path to success.

Concretizing digital services

User-Centricity is the key to reliable success: Netural Sphere accompanies you through the service design process, holistically describing your digital service on the basis of personas and user journeys.

Creating consensus

Efficient transformation takes all stakeholders along on the journey: Netural Sphere develops an in-depth understanding of the project environment and designs a common picture that includes all stakeholders with their individual interests.

Designing efficiency

Netural Sphere guides you to the optimal project structure and accompanies the implementation all the way to successful project completion.


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