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The Vinzenz Group Service GmbH, one of the most dedicated and largest private operators of non-profit healthcare institutions in Austria, set out to significantly reduce the complexity that users face when navigating the vast choice of its healthcare experts and facilities. It was no coincidence that Netural was tasked with solving this requirement in the best possible way for the benefit of its users.

The initial situation

The Vinzenz Group Service GmbH is setting up networks of doctors, therapists and other healthcare providers in the vicinity of its hospitals, creating "health parks" that offer low-threshold access to preventive care, therapy, rehabilitation and all health-related services. Inevitably, the structure of these networks will reflect the complexity of competencies, responsibilities and hierarchies that are typical for a modern, highly developed health care systems. Despite - or rather because of – this complexity, health parks should present users/ customers with uncomplicated, detour-free access to the ideal contact for every individual health problem.

The task

Netural was commissioned with the creation of an overall concept for now seven health parks in Vienna and Upper Austria to provide users in search of health services with an attractive entry point and intuitive navigation to the best individual solutions in terms of location and expertise.

The solution - the "Information Swimming Pool":

Users dip into the pool via totally simplified entry points with search options either by defined health expertise or by browsing a park location overview.

Under the umbrella, each of the seven health parks has its own individual landing page run by a dedicated content editorial team. The landing pages lead to the specialized departments, presented with individual page designs, content, colors, and image styles.

From these entry points, users are led deeper and deeper into the structure towards the specialists for their individual health concerns, navigating the network without feeling its real underlying complexity.

The success

The launch of the platform triggered an enthusiastic response and enough success to encourage further expansion steps which have now been implemented. The focus of this expansion was on the integration of the search and discovery platform Algolia, which supports advanced, highly intuitive search functions, processes synonyms, and delivers highly relevant results at record speed.




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