Swarovski Intranet Relaunch "SIA"

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Back in 2004, Netural developed SIA, Swarovski's intranet. Lately, Swarovski's CD/CI relaunch presented the perfect occasion to bring the internal digital landscape of this Austrian luxury goods company. With this altogether third relaunch, Netural took SIA to the next level, with visible and tangible effect, especially regarding the usability and the range of personalization options.

Already in 2017, Netural had converted the Swarovski intranet from the original portal architecture to a user-friendly, invitingly magazine-like look and feel. Naturally, this vital, intensely used platform accumulated a plethora of newly developed content types and formats during the following years. With the latest brand relaunch came the moment to unclutter - in the interest of the users.

Personalization and notifications

The redesigned start page now offers a wide range of personalization options that help the user to efficiently navigate the stream of information. An app bar on the page makes personalizing the SIA apps a breeze, while a core range of news, videos, widgets, etc. remains standard to keep all users on the same level of up-to-date information. A new tool for efficient everyday work, the Notification Center, show all relevant messages at a glance.

Less complexity, more overview

Without touching the underlying technology base, the project succeeded in visibly and tangibly reducing the complexity of the information landscape. The newly structured start page makes for easy navigation. All programs, tools, systems, channels, news offers and information jumps are accessible in the most compact form possible. The result is a lively intranet that fully maps the operation of a globally operating company without compromising the overview.

For the users, with the users

Even before the project team entered the design phase, users had their say: Immediately after creating the wireframes, Swarovski carried out usability tests to ensure that the new approach really delivered the promised new clarity. The result was a veritable showcase of user centricity. "This project was about much more than just looks: The SIA intranet is the engine that drives the company´s internal communication. Its efficiency is everyone´s efficiency, and its user-friendliness determines the working space comfort of all Swarovski employees. Netural knows this requirement - and knows how to create excellent usability," comments Albert Ortig, founder and CEO of Netural.




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