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As part of a strategic digitalization initiative, the globally leading wood-based materials manufacturer EGGER has optimized and expanded the "Digital Delivery Directory" project. Collaborating with Netural, a centralized global service was developed, enabling dealers, carpenters, architects, interior designers, and furniture makers to check the availability of all products across various digital touchpoints.

The Task

EGGER already had a digital delivery directory supported by an established PIM/SAP system. However, the existing system, while advanced in its basic structure, no longer met the growing market demands for speed, flexibility, and user experience. Dealers and processors needed a more intuitive access to the most current availability data to streamline their workflows.

The main goal of the project was to create a highly user-oriented global service providing a central data source. This service should encompass not only the specific DDD application (Digital Delivery Directory) but also be able to serve additional digital touchpoints such as the website (Product Detail Pages) through an interface. Special attention was given to user-friendliness, performance, and seamless integration into existing systems.

Knowing What's Available in Milliseconds

The implementation was carried out by developing an application and parallel API based on the dcupl technology platform. The application enables users to choose from a variety of approximately 350 decors and 40 product types with different dimensions and characteristics—totaling more than 20,000 items—and check availability.

The application features extensive filtering options, allowing users to tailor their search based on specific product features such as decor number, color, function, etc. Results appear in a matter of milliseconds and can also be exported as PDFs. The simultaneously developed API enables smooth integration of availability data on product and decor detail pages and other digital channels, ensuring consistency and currency of information across EGGER's entire digital presence.

The Success

By providing a global service offering information on a wide range of products and their availability, EGGER is setting new standards in the industry and providing dealers, carpenters, architects, interior designers, and furniture makers with another user-centered, intuitive "tool" for collaboration with EGGER.

This project serves as a shining example of the possibilities that arise from the fusion of innovative technology and customer-centric thinking, powered by Netural Software Engineering and the SaaS platform dcupl.




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