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EGGER takes pride in "Making more from wood". This Tyrolean family business has grown from local sawmill to global player. Its boards and panels with their striking decors are omnipresent, defining the quality and appeal of furniture, floors and interior design elements around the globe. “Making more from Digital” is what Netural takes pride in, and the innovative iOS / Android app that will from now on supplement EGGER's sample catalog proves the point.

With the new Decorative App, EGGER provides a global community of architects, interior designers, furniture designers and carpenters with a tool that invites playful navigation through the entire EGGER decor program - in 17 languages.

Complementing the haptic qualities of the thick print catalog, the app scores with variable product views in 2-D and 3-D: How does the selected product blend into changing room environments? How does its visual character change with different lighting angles?

All Information at Your Fingertips

Leafing through the catalog at leisure and using a smartphone or tablet to scan a decor number, users enter the interactive world of EGGER innovations with its surprisingly practical and clever functions. Create individual collections of favorite decors, get recommendations for matching products, add your own photos to mood boards and assign those to individual projects - availability check and integrated sample order are included. It´s all at hand, optimized for mobile devices, so you can carry it in your pocket.

The first project stage already received much applause from the target group. The EGGER Decorative Collection App simplifies the product search, modernizes the ordering process and streamlines the whole workflow, releasing capacities to respond to customers´ special requests.

"From the first workshop on, the focus was on creating a superb solution for our customers. By introducing us to agile project work, Netural paved the way to the remarkable result we have achieved."

Andreas Walde, EGGER / Head of Corporate Marketing

At the core of the project success: An agile, user-centered design approach, involving selected carpenters as future users at a very early stage. Based on their requirements, a clear, intuitive interface according to latest UX criteria. "Under the hood" the power of "Frontstage" for smart, high-performing data access, online as well as offline.




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