Silhouette Click & Collect Solution "Buy Local"

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As a worldwide leading premium eyewear brand, Silhouette strives for excellence - in product design as well as in terms of sales support. During the Corona crisis and beyond, Silhouette encourages end customers to buy optical glasses online, using its “Buy Local” e-commerce initiative to generate leads and potential sales for established sales partners from its website.

On, sunglasses have been available online since summer 2020. Now Silhouette introduces the first online ordering processes for optical lenses, combining total online service with professional advice and fine-tuning by local retailers. Following a successful start with opticians in Austria and Germany, successive rollouts are now scheduled internationally.

Netural shared our totally customer-focused thinking and provided significant support in setting up the necessary processes and the organizational framework for the project.

Christian Ender, Chief Sales Officer, Silhouette International

Generating Leads, Integrating Retailers

The core of the website-based conversion is the virtual try-on function. With this, it is now possible to try on all Silhouette eyeglass models “live” from home. While sunglasses are sold directly online, optical glasses are available by “Click & Collect”, means ordered online and sent to the buyer´s preferred local optician. The retailer receives an automated notification and the ordered Silhouette model will arrive in good time for the appointment with the customer for professional fitting and adjustment. – If they fit and please, the customer pays in the shop.

Towards Marketing Automation with Integrated Processes fulfills a dual purpose, embodying the brand and offering users highly convenient ordering processes, both in online purchases and click&collect transactions for pickup at the preferred optician. This requires the mapping of complex technical and legal processes in the background, embedded in the corresponding cooperation with sales partners. While this first process step is quite complex, the prospects are promising: The customer master data stored in the ordering system can create rich added customer service value in future marketing automation steps.

From the end customer's point of view, “Buy Local” offers a good online shopping experience that, with the expertise of the optician on site, has a real-world human face – for an extra satisfying brand experience!




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