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Created and rolled out in two short months: Netural’s web app "Covidoor" takes visitors through Covid-19 control locks in hospitals, care facilities, universities or mass gatherings faster and more safely.

Ever since March 2020, the Covid-19 virus has dictated the world´s pace. In spite of all the vaccination progress and the relaxation of some control measures, protecting sensitive areas like hospitals, assisted living facilities and nursing homes remains a top priority. The same applies for school lessons, university lectures and cultural events. Admission controls will inevitably create bottlenecks, and resulting queues can add to contagion risks.

"To ensure that locks can process growing numbers of visitors efficiently, we need to speed things up."

Albert Ortig, CEO / Netural, April 2020

Developed at record speed

That is why in April 2020, Netural took the initiative and developed the web app “Covidoor”, collaborating with Alpha Medical Concepts, an international management consultancy specialized in high-risk areas in hospitals. This simple, smart web service provides visitors to large facilities or mass gatherings with a free QR code entry ticket, valid on the smartphone as well as on a paper printout. Covidoor works as smooth as an airport boarding pass. Tests were carried out in May 2020, and by early June 2020, a reliably stable “Covidoor” was rolled out across Upper Austria.

Smart web lock for high visitor numbers

To generate a “Covidoor” ticket, users give a responsible self-assessment by answering five questions about their current state of health and match this with a visitor ID transmitted by the health facility. While scanning the “Covidoor” ticket at the entrance, the system checks body temperature, health ticket information and the validity of the visitor ID. The security gate only opens if all three parameters check out. Combined with the turnstile control and a fever scanner, “Covidoor” reduces the workload at manual Covid-19 locks in public and private facilities with visitor traffic.

“Covidoor” provides a security level comparable to lock supervision by security staff, but as a fast lane service, issuing cross-facility tickets with 48 hours validity. To ensure data protection, all personal data are automatically deleted as soon as the ticket expires.

Frontend technology “at lightspeed"

What makes the development of “Covidoor” unique is the fact that Netural has relied entirely on front-end technologies: building on Angular as the standard software, all advantages of Typescript are available in applications of this size. The backend interfaces run with the cross-platform runtime environment Node.js on Google’s highly scalable development platform Firebase. With this setup, Netural was able to develop and roll out “Covidoor” in record time.

“Covidoor” is already in use in many public institutions in Austria, with almost 100,000 tickets issued in 13 languages. Current combination options, such as the integration of turnstile locks and fever scanners, are open for expansions, for example with know-your-customer processes, fully customized compliance questionnaires or additional access tickets. The international manufacturers of access and security systems dormakaba and S.O.T. and the world's largest security service provider Securitas, which is in charge of Bundesliga soccer stadium security, are among those that rely on Netural’s web service, as does ÖFB, the Austrian soccer association, which recently launched “Covidoor”pilot project.

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