Curious, adventurous and always thinking outside every box: Pionieering is our middle name, and it shows. In the work of our Research Lab, in the contributions we make at international conferences, and also in Award-Galas, where the Neturals travel with the Unicorn on the case to return with gold in the case. We pursue knowledge and share it gladly, for instance on our monthly Innovations Day for Developers.


Faced with perpetual motion and change we appreciate stability. We pursue full-spectrom happiness, with our heads in the clouds when we dream up exciting innovations, but our feet on always the ground and our hearts with those who we love. We celebrate the balanced life with „Family&Friends“ events at the office, with summer picnics at the lake,with sled rides unter the winter stars – in short, with all the things that keep us grounded and remind us that family, nature and humanity are the better and the most important parts of us.


Netural occupies spaces in urban retreats. We use them to unfold, both as a team and as talented individuals. We thrive in environments which invite and sustain adventurous thinking. We are attracted by special places with special flair, where special people embrace openness and innovation. Tabakfabrik Linz, a former tobacco factory turned urban innovation hub, or the Viennese workshop loft where the legendary Wiener Werkstätten design team used to create legendary furniture are excellent examples.




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