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Fast and Flexible in Facing Change

Fit for clients and projects, fit enough to reinvent ourselves, change as part of our culture. Sweaty work-outs, flexible accelleration/deceleration, or just greater vigor? What springs to our minds while setting the term „Fitness“ on Netural ́s 2017 agenda?

Now that ́s a tough one. Let ́s ask the boss.

Albert Ortig, beyond sporting performance, what exactly is "Fitness"?

Having enough energy to meet exceptional challenges. Running routines fast forward, while keeping the power reserves to spontaneously focus and accelerate. This helps us to run the company efficiently, but most importantly it helps our clients who have every right to demand our outstanding performance.

This is a multi-level thing, right?

Yes. We develop our organizational structure towards agility. This includes instruments from the software department like Scrum as well as client-orientated structuring in independent units. We also spin off exciting new subdivisions oft he existing organization as startup structures. Two recent examples are Responsive Spaces GmbH, founded last April, and the imminent start of Storyblok GmbH which will shoulder the further development of our new content editing system.

Fitness is very individual. What is the intended impact on the team?

Netural is the sum of all our employees. Everything we do under the „Fitness“ agenda is intended to empower and inspire people. Which will help to take performance to levels which are not possible without a motivating environment. We are blessed to have this outstanding team. But the more we keep growing, the more important is continuity. Which is why we have to think hard about retention.

So what is on the employees ́ fitness menus? We have asked around and gathered some outright silly and some really great answers. Here they come... ;)

„Being wide awake and in a cheerful mood every day.“

Lydia Kaiser-Ortig,
Cultural Officer

„Motivation and authority in every encounter.“

Elisabeth Fehkührer,
Art Director

„With a little bit of stretching, everybody is fit... Somehow. To a degree.”

Peter Gollowitsch,
Account Director

„When you have reached the end of the “to do” list and are still not dog tired.“

Peter Gollowitsch,
Account Director

„Staying mobile. Ideally in both body and mind.“

Albert Ortig,

„Ski races are won during the summer.“

Gerhard Freimüller,
Senior Strategist, quoting legendary ski champion Peter Müller

„Never say never, because limits, like fears, are often just an illusion.“

Markus „MMeX“ Pargfrieder,
CEO Responsive Spaces, quoting legendary basketball player Michael “Air” Jordan

„Juggling five balls with just two hands.“

Birgit Hajek,
Head of Content & Community

„The beginning seems to be more than half of the whole.”

Eva Hamann,
Administration Artist, quoting Aristoteles, philosopher

„Entspanntes Improvisieren in luftiger Höhe.“

Ernst Demmel,
Senior Strategist

On our own behalf ...

We are not just fit ourselves, we help others being fit. Digitally fit. Actually, this is what we do for a living.

Do you want to know our secrets? Then contact us. We gladly schedule an introductory visit, complete with insights into our work and our thinking.

Article: 29.06.2017




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