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Digitization Speeding up
Digital Signage Summit 2016: What´s next?

If searching for somebody important in Austria´s digital scene this week, the SUMMIT in Vienna would have been the safest bet. Many facets of digital communication, exciting best practice cases and lively talks filled the “Aula der Wissenschaften” venue with acoustic and digital twitter.

Content marketing, virtual reality, brand experience and – theme of the year 2016 – video marketing: Hardly any field of digital communications escaped the attention of this year´s SUMMIT. Latest use cases from Austria and all other German-speaking countries completed the program.

Netural´s Ernst Demmel chaired a talk about „Content Marketing: Just the Beginning?“, exploring what really works in promoting high quality brands and services, with interesting cases and expert opinions contributed by Robert Hanke of UniCredit Bank Austria, Florian Hohenauer of Hotwire Public Relations Germany, David Kitzmüller of, Philipp Muehlenkord of LinkedIn and Jürgen Schmidt of STRG. Host has summarised the panel in this Blog.

Our tweet mashup mirrors the variety of themes and the reactions of those attending this two day meeting:

Article: 15.07.2016




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