Room For Everything New: Netural Wins Office of the Year Award!

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What makes an office the perfect office? CBRE, the leading international real estate service teamed up the Austrian daily „Die Presse“ to award the Office of the Year 2017 trophy in four categories covering everything from newcomers to big companies.

Great looks were not enough to win over the expert jury. To really score, an office had to function as a modern living and working environment – easing workflows, supporting creativity and thus contributing to a company´s long-term success.

A whopping three finalists in the „medium-size“ category were situated in the Tabakfabrik Linz, once again proving this development as the currently hottest spot for digital creativity. But when all was said and done, it was Netural who took the gold at the award ceremony held on January 25th in Vienna. The expert jury appreciated the light-flooded architecture which caters perfectly Netural´s agility needs, supporting complex process dynamics while offering enough space for comfort and creativity.

Working in the „Office of the Year“ is not only for Netural´s staff to enjoy. Clients who visit our in-house workshops often tell us how much they appreciate the exceptionally inspirational atmosphere here. It is the ideal environment for digital service excellence to grow.

Article: 29.01.2018




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