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There are countless agencies with countless theme- or client-related specializations. Yet, Netural and Bruketa&Zinic OM identified a patch of untrodden ground and took it, launching a special agency for startups: Startaparat.

Startups are unique in their spirit, and feeling, understanding and living it is the secret of success in working with innovative, young enterprises. “We have been part of the startup universe for a quite while now”, says Netural´s CEO Albert Ortig. “This unique environment has inspired the Startaparat project”. Enthusiastic support for the new agency comes from Selma Prodanovic, founder of the Brainswork consultancy and the 1millionstartups network.

Startaparat-CEO Helena Rosandic introduces the new agency.

This business-angelina will take an advisory function at Startaparat. “Selma agreed to join the team, even before Startaparat was officially founded, and not much later we had seven extremely interesting startups on our client list. I´m convinced of their success and I am convinced that Startaparat will be a success story as well” says Ortig.

Customized service

Start-Ups are anything but „one size fits all“: They need custom solutions tailored to their markets and their company sizes. Startaparat combines the know-how and experience of two successful agencies, taking a practical approach to answering the needs of startups. Startaparat offers a wide range of services, including, but not limited to, visual identity, campaign planning and execution, product design and online sales platforms. The depth of involvement ranges from standard service packages to customized individual business models. This is a 360o digital business service, scalable to budgets and development perspectives of individual startups.

“One size, or, in this case, one cooperation model, will certainly not fit them all, therefore we cannot write a menu with fixed prices. We will listen closely, trying to really fathom the individual needs of a startup and will then fit our offer to business strategy and stage of development. We will adapt flexibly with the intention to grow with the startups we support“, explains Startaparat head manager Helena Rosandic.

Article: Ernst / 04.10.2016




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