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The adidas sell-in platform enormously simplifies complex ordering processes for the sales team of this sporting goods manufacturer while also providing an intuitive, perfectly integrated and staged user experience for adidas sales outlets in the brand world both online and offline

Success Factor “Go-to-Market Time”

Big fashion brands set the pace: The shortest possible "go-to-market" time, from product development to global availability, decides on success - or failure - in today´s consumer industry. Short lead-times require a massive acceleration of development, production and sales processes, but they enable brand manufacturers to respond iteratively to the demands of customers and sales partners. This is why global players like adidas are redesigning and digitalizing their sales processes. For decades, adidas used sent huge numbers of product prototypes to development and production partners worldwide, and sales partners leafed through thick catalogs to order manually. Now the German sporting goods manufacturer now has turned this process into a fully digitalized, highly personalized, and perfectly integrated sell-in user experience.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects.

B2X replaces B2B2C

The adidas sales team uses this sell-in platform, developed with Netural, to prepare sell-in presentations and product ranges for retailers. The sales platform provides them with all information collected from retailers, including sales volumes and retail spaces. During the live sales show, thousands and thousands of products and entire looks with all the related media, such as videos, are accessible in a captivating mix of digital and analog. RFID technology provides total integration of online and offline. For example, place a running shoe on the display, and instantly receive all related product information.

High-performance Filter Architecture and Total User Experience

Here, the key to success is the high-performance data handling capability of the sell-in platform, which sorts through thousands of products to find matches for the selected settings. A proprietary filter engine and highly efficient data structures work invisibly in the background, creating simple and intuitive usability. This helps adidas retail partners to put their individual range together with just a few swipes and visualize overviews with just one click to identify missing products or order similar ones in total convenience. In addition to the products, POS advertising material such as displays or mannequins are also available on the the sell-in platform for augmented reality visualization in the actual showroom context and subsequent online ordering.

On top of the highly sophisticated filter architecture, the clear, intuitive user interface of the adidas sell-in platform is outstanding. Superior user experience and user satisfaction are the be-all and end-all for global brands.

Digital Turns into Real

The long-standing close cooperation between adidas and Netural produces success and innovation in equal measure. The adidas sell-in platform succeeds in totally simplifying cumbersome ordering processes, while at the same time providing a highly individualized, intuitive user experience. With amazing ease and beauty, digital turns into real!




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