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An evolutionary conversion and extension of Doka´s densely information-packed company web to achieve a slimmer, more user-focused version with state-of-the-art multi-device capabilities.

Construction professionals think in terms of solutions rather than along brand or product preferences. When sending world record towers like the 830 meter Burj Khalifa skywards it is always safety first, with efficiency a close runner-up. The new Doka web with its optimized mobile capabilities meets all professional requirements, offering users shortcuts to their individual projects, with all related products and references immediately at hand. Flat navigation levels lead immediately to the required informations, the modular back end provides lightning-fast response and also maintenance – and all this in 33 national versions. Demonstration videos and large photos make huge amounts of information easy to digest.

A web, smart enough to offer every foreman on every construction site everywhere in the world mobile with just a few clicks access to product information and user instruction downloads.




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