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Eyewear manufacturer evil eye uses an e-commerce platform to generate and qualify leads for its own web shop, providing perfect service exactly where and when customer needs arise.


Perfect view, individual fit and uncompromising protection - this is the high performance profile of Austrian premium sports sunglass manufacturer evil eye. evil eye offers perfect performance glasses for every (top) sport, be it running, biking, mountaineering, sailing or golf. Taking service one step further, end customers can now order additional lenses at the evil eye online shop, offering best view during every type of activity in varying light and weather conditions.

Sell where demand arises

In all activities, from climbing the planet´s highest peaks to mountain biking the most radical trails, evil eye aims to reach its target group precisely when and where where demand arises. In addition to specialist retailers, Therefore evil eye product range is not only available from authorized retailers, but also on a brand website with shop function, developed by Netural.

Added value for demanding athletes

Complementing its Made in Austria sports glasses range, evil eye offers additional lenses online for each of its models, providing, for instance, triathletes with lenses for changing lighting conditions during running and cycling.

The entire online product presentation is managed by a sophisticated filter and sorting logic, offering aesthetically pleasing large-scale interaction areas. In detailed product views, shopping tabs (so-called “call to action”) are clearly differentiated, perfectly structuring relevant information for the user.

Knowing how: one pair of glasses, lots of features

Clear assignments of lenses to frame models help buyers to quickly and easily make their choices. Technical parameters such as polarization, tints and protection levels are anchored in the evil eye product data to enable a sophisticated, individually customized browsing experience.

Finish faster with advanced search technology

High-performance search technology speedily provides users with the desired product information. A clear and immersive presentation of the man variations and features of evil eye sunglasses as well as tutorial videos on changing lenses create give impressive insights into the know-how that went into each individual model.

Netural's e-commerce solution creates a highly personalized shopping experience and supports the user in his purchase decisions. It helps evil eye to provide consumers with the best possible, immediate service along the whole customer journey, supports the continuous growth of a loyal user community, and, most importantly, it creates additional sales.




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