Untha AR-App "UNTHActive"

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Untha, an innovative mechanical engineering company, required a convincing virtual presentation technology for its unconventional product lineup.

Often 12x9 ft. large, heavy, deafeningly loud when in operation and unfeasible for road transport: Untha shredder machines are internationally successful, but taking them to trade shows and sales events is quite an undertaking. Now these bulky machines can stay at the factory, because convincing product demonstrations require only one compact object: Netural Lab´s developers have succeeded in replacing the usual planar AR markers with handy cubes. They produce stable, distortion-free 3D visualizations at all distances and viewing angles. The system had its premiere at the international waste mananagement exhibition RWM in Birmingham, UK, with an AR-demonstration in 1:2 scale.

Netural puts a vitual harness on bulky shredders - with additional options like virtual „tours“ inside the machine or augmented reality repair manuals taking only modest further efforts.




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