Wien Energie App "Energiesparcheck"

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Utility provider Wien Energie proves leadership in energy efficiency, providing consumers with a highly practical tool for identifying energy saving possibilities at home. An online test makes finding and eliminating energy guzzlers easy like never before.

Wien Energie´s online tool „EnergieSpar Check“ quickly and precisely calculates a household´s energy consumption and energy saving potentials. It provides a thorough analysis including a consumption breakdown, and individual hands-on advice for cost-saving measures as well. The check is run online – speedily, conveniently, and with a very low threshold.


This 360° check provides valuable insights into all energy-related details of the user´s household, with special focus on heating and electric energy consumption. Detailed results for sectors like “Water & Wellness” or “Office & Entertainment” list saving potentials by kWh´s. With accompanying hints like, e.g., “Avoid unnecessary overheating of your boiler”, the check offers immediately applicable instructions for saving energy. Practical comparisons add transparency to abstract kWh values.

Well thought out

To speedily provide valid check results, highly complex calculations have to run in the background – which is where Netural´s developers excel. Built on complex decision trees, the online questionnaire captures comprehensive data, dynamically basing each follow-up question on the last answer given to create highly individual user paths.

Much like the first version of this tool in 2008, this application was developed in close collaboration with Wien Energie.




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