Our Digital Health Projects

During the last five years, Netural has engaged in intensive e-Health and medical technology research and development, addressing one of the major challenges society faces in our times.

Our main topics:

  • supporting lasting behavior modifications
  • supporting rehabilitation at home
  • applying virtual reality in medicine and medical training
  • digital health management
  • developing applications for the healthcare sector

Acting as a well-established development partner in numerous national and international research projects, we collaborate with hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, physicians and international consortia.



The web app "Covidoor" relieves Covid-19 locks in public and private facilities with public access - especially in particularly sensitive areas such as hospitals, old people's homes and nursing homes - with a free QR code ticket that can be scanned from the smartphone or paper printout upon entry.


Brain surgery is extremely demanding. A neurosurgery simulator connects real and virtual worlds to create a versatile and highly realistic training environment. The medical model project MEDUSA will boost Upper Austria´s standing as medical engineering location.


A smart app-based solution to support patients aged 55 and older in physiotherapy and other movement-oriented treatments. Wearables fitted with sensors will track the success of physical exercises, providing patients with immediate feedback and raising motivation by gameifying training. This project is funded by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency).


A research project with focus on plastic surgery, providing surgeons with an augmented reality tool for precisely planning endogenous tissue transplantations. VizARd visualizes important information like images and possible cutting lines in real-time. This project is funded by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency). Image provided by © RISC Software GmbH.

WheelSim VR

The „WheelSim VR“ simulator uses 3-D visualizations to safely teach physically handicapped persons how to steer electric wheelchairs, resulting in the necessary proof of competence for insurance approval procedures. This project is funded by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency).

Sharing Stories

The „Sharing Stories, Sharing Life“ project aims at developing a training tool for uneducated elderly persons to help them reflect on experiences, share their feelings and improve their social competences both online and offline, thus overcoming their social exclusion.


The VR4Therapy´s main focus is on scientifically exploring the effects of mainly biography-related VR-Content on (a) the quality of life and the behavior of dementia patients and (b) the relief it may offer for families and nurses. This project was funded by the FFG (Austrian Research Promotion Agency).

Diary App

This application for mobile devices takes a groundbreaking approach to supporting individual performance and recreation, contributing to the development of employees´ potentials and wellbeing in businesses and public bodies.

Reise in den Körper – Das Herz

This is an innovative project arriving at quite novel results. Working with VR was a first for our project partner Red Cross Upper Austria. This implementation breaks the ground for an entertaining and therefore lasting educationally sound way to transport knowledge to young audiences.

New Reality

The "New Reality" project aimed at offering elderly persons an immersive virtual reality platform that provides them with new environments, perspectives and, subsequently, new motivation to exercise.


The Rehab@Home system supports the sustainable rehabilitation of elderly stroke victims. R@H uses individually customized `serious games´ on standard hardware components and devices like Wii and KINECT, adapted to meet medical requirements.


Developed for the SafeMove project, this is a mobility solution for persons suffering from early stages, or "mild”, dementia. The system uses a set of hardware and software components to sustain and improve the patients´ mobility.

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