A Spectacular Series of Awards for Netural

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After taking home the Red Dot and HRbert Awards, Netural has now won two Annual Multimedia Awards, taking silver in the “e-commerce and online shops” category with Silhouette Buy Local, and with “eva - enjoy voestalpine” in the “App & Tool” category. We take this as encouraging proof of the quality of our intensive cooperation with these clients. Netural has been developing digital solutions for Silhouette for two decades now, year after year rewarded by motivating feedback and a proud list of awards.

Since its launch in 1996, the Annual Multimedia Competition has demonstrated and promoted the vitality of digital brand communication, documenting the current state of the art, highlighting trends and illustrating the digital advertising year in a most impressive way.

Purpose marketing - sustainable, innovative and authentic

“Purpose” was the magic word and focus of this year's jury meeting, a round of top-class experts from the fields of marketing, digitization and media. This year they favored cleverly built brand strategies and innovative takes on communicating and selling to target groups, which is exactly what the Silhouette Buy Local and eva voestalpine solutions delivered.

Buy Local - one step ahead

With the Buy Local Initiative Silhouette opened its online ordering processes, which were until then available only for sunglasses, for eyeglasses with optical lenses. Conveniently, the launch happend in early 2020 and before the corona pandemic took off in earnest. With Buy Local, Silhouette uses the company website to generate leads and sales potential for affiliated opticians, long-standing sales outlets of great importance. This enables the Upper Austrian premium eyewear manufacturer to offer a combination of total online service, qualified person-to-person customer advice, and professional product fine-tuning by local opticians. Buy Local offers an excellent online shopping experience and, on top of that, the friendly human face and valuable expertise of the optician on site, adding up to an altogether outstanding brand experience.

EVA – a promise to users

Accompanied by Netural, voestalpine has taken a big step into the future by installing powerful online tools to accelerate information and order processes flows dramatically. “Eva” is the umbrella under which voestalpine gathers all digital services, both those already introduced and others that will become available in the near future. One dashboard and one login give unrestricted access to latest, lightning fast reacting web applications that cover the needs of each individual user with utmost convenience, fulfilling the promise of the name “eva” - enjoy voestalpine!”. First to become available were the product data and order/logistics tools, but that was just the first step on eva´s long digital journey.

“A truly excellent shopping experience”

A distinguished jury shared this opinion and honored Silhouette’s Buy Local and voestalpine’s “eva” solution with the Annual Multimedia Award in silver in the “e-commerce and online shops” and “App & Tool” categories. Adding to this year's Red Dot Award for Buy Local, this award crowns two decades of cooperation between Silhouette and Netural.

Article: 24.04.2024




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