Business School: Netural Joins the LIMAK Expert Faculty

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Which digital strategy will really help my business, and how can I successfully lead my team towards the finish line? The digital revolution presents managers with completely new challenges and the urgent need to learn how to handle innovative tools.

The LIMAK Austrian Business School invested two years to create its MBA course „New Business Development in the Digital Economy“. The new faculty has recruited key-figures from science and economy who contribute their theoretical knowledge and practical experiences regarding the Digital Transformation adventure.

Netural has joined this expert faculty as a digital services design expert. Netural´s CEO Albert Ortig will sit down with the participating managers in the `Digitalization Practice Lab´ to explore the feasibility of digital strategies and to highlight the need for agility.

The first new MBA course will start in autumn 2018, and the message is: Success is not defined by technology, but rather by the mindset of the leaders who drive the digitalization in their companies.

Find out more about the MBA course at:

Article: 25.07.2018




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