Tritratrallalla! A Netural Teamwork Just for Fun

Spread Your Wings, Responsive Spaces!
Business School: Netural Joins the LIMAK Expert Faculty

Netural´s biennial „Unicorn’s Day“ is a cultural event by and for Neturals, involving all that really counts in our eternal springtime.

Our meaningful teamwork of 2019 was the Netural puppet theater workshop.

Makeup artists, musicians, puppet players, prop masters, tailors, carpenters and caterers for the culinary accompaniment: all of them Neturals, curated on this very special afternoon by “Punch“ Franz Rosenthaler, and happily analogue for a change. It is hard to say who enjoyed themselves the most - the Netural-Team or the children from St. Isidor who came to see the show.

Netural puppet theater workshop: The Making-Of

Article: 04.04.2019




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