Spread Your Wings, Responsive Spaces!

Proud Winners: Austria´s Most Agile Crew!
Tritratrallalla! A Netural Teamwork Just for Fun

An experience all happy families come to share: Eventually you´ll have to let them go, those children of life´s passion, satisfied that the gene for unending curiosity has been passed on successfully.

Latest proof is Responsive Spaces, specialist for multi-sensual spatial staging and, effective immediately, operating as a fully independent unit. It´s good to know that they will be on call whenever we need to complement digital services by Netural with mind-expanding installations by Responsive Spaces. To each his own very specialized focus, to all of us our common roots!

In this spirit we wish you joy, happiness and success. Have fun – and see you in the tea kitchen, Markus »MMeX« Pargfrieder and team!

Yours ever,
the Neturals

Article: 30.01.2019




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