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Workplace health promotion is win-win for employers and employees. A new milestone in this field is the Diary App: By providing customized long-term motivation for the individual user, it seriously delivers in terms of everyday energy, motivation and success, thus contributing to both physical and mental health.

Occupational and private life stresses impair personal satisfaction, physical stamina and mental performance. This motivates many employers to engage in workplace health promotion and preventive programs. The promise here is win-win, with employees enjoying better health and employers profiting from increased motivation and performance.
Personal coaching by app
The health coach franchise AUTONOM TALENT recommends its 3-Step-Method (“measure potentials → develop talents → ensure performance”) as a highly effective stress and resource management strategy. The method involves an assessment of the individual stress level and talent profile, resulting in a customized activity plan for developing one´s whole personal potential. Feedback interviews accompany the activities in the following fields:

  • relaxation
  • exercise and sports
  • self management
  • sleep and recovery
  • break management
  • energy and nutrition
  • stress management
  • potential development

The Diary app complements the AUTONOM TALENT 3-Step-Method perfectly, working as a personal motivation coach. The app supports the pursuit of personal goals by reminding users to take scheduled activities and exercises and by providing practical tips. An individual app setup ensures highest efficiency and lasting effects of the feedback interviews, the app stores individual setups. The app stores a history of all activities, exercises and tips, documenting and displaying progress and success. This permanent coaching by app ensures lasting lifestyle changes, and thereby increases in energy and motivation.

Innovative cooperation

Whenever businesses and scientists team up, the resulting synergies beat all reasonable expectations. Netural und AUTONOM TALENT cooperated with the MedTech Cluster of the Business Upper Austria regional development agency, develop the Diary app as an inter-branch project.

Med-tech is a growth market with huge innovation potential. Developing customized leading edge med-tech solutions will always require the combined expert know-how of fields like medical engineering, plastics technology, mechatronics and IT. The Diary app exemplifies the potentials of inter-branch cooperation, giving established workplace health promotion methods a digital boost towards new dimensions of efficiency.

Efficient, simple, promising

Innovative technologies drive the development towards individualization and customization in healthcare, in turn creating new complexities and challenges for application development.

Netural contributed the Diary app design and implementation, with a strong focus on simplicity and attractive usability. „We really wanted to keep it simple, doing our best to create an easy-to-use and highly motivating Diary app with lasting motivational impact”, says Netural´s CEO Albert Ortig.

The mobile app is available for both iOS and Android. Database, mechanism and performance checks contain latest technology.


The Diary app has its premiere at Caritas retirement home Schloss Hall. The staffers soon overcame their initial doubts, learning from the initial measuring and feedback interviews how much potential for improvement their personal stress profiles offered. The most appreciated features of the Diary app were the daily reminders and the motivating progress feedback.

Article: 21.11.2017




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